Macleod Guitar School

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The School's Philosophy


What Macleod Guitar School Offers?


  • Well basically ask yourself? Do you want to learn to play the guitar properly? Learn it properly once and for all without ever having to readjust the way you play!


  • Whether you are a mature age student, who has decided finally to follow that lifetime dream or whether you are a young student wanting a career in music, you have come to the right place... Ivan's guitar playing and compositions are played worldwide on TV, and radio. You are in the hands of a professional musician who is passionate about this teaching and tired of seeing students taught terrible techniques from amateur guitar teachers.


  • The lessons are one on one, relaxed, enjoyable, but productive. The lessons are tailored around the students interest.


  • Suitable whether you want to make a career in music or just want to follow a hobby.


  • Ivan works around the students interests and goals focusing on techniques, chords, theory, etc via the students favourite songs.


  • Assistance is provided with AMEB and VCE syllabuses.


  • Ivan also teaches composition and production and many guitar students incorporate thins into the lesson, ie "how to produce your music from the start to the end".





      Choosing The Right Teacher


When choosing a teacher  do some research first because the guitar teaching business is definitely unregulated and full of bad teachers.


  • Does he know his theory? Has he studied?


  • What are his musical credentials?


  • When "trialling" a lesson with a teacher test him out...How long does it  take him to work out one of your CD songs requests by ear especially those with altered chords? Can he read music? Can he cover more than one genre? or is he just a Metal player.


  • Try and avoid teachers in shops. You might be lucky finding a pro experience teacher in a music shop but generally shops employ kids whom aren't playing properly themselves.


  • It's important you have a good relationship with your teacher. This can help you "the student" relax and not feel pressured.


  • Is the teaching being interrupted by phone calls etc. A lot of teachers will not make up the time. Is the teacher punctual?















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